Alabama Senior State Games Dominoes Competition

Get ready for the Senior State Games. It's all happening June 12-14, 2015 in Alabama's Wiregrass area cities of Dothan and Ozark, and the counties of Dale and Houston.

Dominoes Overview

Dominoes first appeared in Italy during the 18th century, and although it is unknown howChinese dominoes developed into the modern game, it is speculated that Italian missionaries in China may have brought the game to Europe. We are excited about hosting the first annual Dominoes Competition in the Senior State Games.

Don't miss the Olympic-style Opening Ceremony festivities on Friday, June 9

National Peanut Festival
5622 US-231
Dothan, AL 36301


3:00 PM - Gates open for the Alabama State Games Fan Fair festivities.

  • T-shirt pick up, fun activities, food and product vendors, music, Olympic Day giveaways and much more! 

5:00 PM - The Athlete Leadership Summit.

  • A platform for athletes, coaches, parents, spectators and volunteers to learn the importance of academic excellence, good citizenship, responsibility, leadership and the concept of community. Past speakers include Former Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden, Olympic Gold Medalist Jennifer Chandler, Former Head Football Coach Pat Dye, Olympic Gold Medalist Harvey Glance, Heisman Trophy Winner Bo Jackson, Former Alabama Football Player Siran Stacy, Team USA Handball, and Paralympic Athlete Maze Marshall. 

6:00-6:45 PM - Parade of Athletes begin to line up by region.

7:00 PM - Opening Ceremony Celebration show begins.

  • The Ceremony will take place in an Amphitheater, with limited seating available, lawn chairs and blankets are welcomed and recommended.
  • Parade of Athletes, live entertainment, t-shirt cannons, the Olympic torch relay and the lighting of the Olympic Flame, huge fireworks show, and so much more! Every registered athlete participating in the Opening Ceremony and the Parade of Athletes will receive a FREE Commemorative Opening Ceremony T-Shirt. Bring an American flag!

For more information, visit the   page.

Event Schedule

  • Friday, June 20, 2014
  • TBD - Competition Begins
  • 6:30 p.m. Opening Ceremonies-Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex Arena

Venue Information

Gardendale Civic Center (Dogwood Room)
857 Main Street
Gardendale, AL  35071

(205) 631-5679

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Event Fees

Standard Registration



Event Registration - Includes entry into Opening Ceremonies


Received by June 6, 2014



Age groups are as follows:  50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90+

Age Determination Date:  December 31, 2014.

There will be a women’s division and a men’s division in singles.

Doubles will consist of two partners and can be of mixed gender and different age group. Partners will play in the age division of the youngest partner.

Event Rules


1. A match will consist of best 2 out of 3 games with a 1 hour time limit.
2. Starting time will be written down for each match
3. If at the end of the hour and time is called, play stops, do not finish the hand.

  1. Still in first game, high points wins. 
  2. If in 2nd game and winner of 1st game is ahead, the winner of 1st game wins the match. 
  3. If in 2nd game and loser of 1st game is ahead, that person or team is the winner. They will then play a hand to 50 points to determine match winner.
  4. If in 3rd game, the person or team with the highest score of the THIRD game is the winner.

4. Consolation game will be played to determine 3rd place if necessary.


  1. First to go Down: After the dominoes have been shuffled, participants will draw for the down. The down will continue clockwise around the table with no more drawing for the down.
  2. Person to the right of the person to go down will shuffle the bones each time. 
  3. Played Domino: A domino is considered played when the domino is picked up. If it will not play, it will be turned face up on the table and played at first opportunity it will play. Player with turned up domino can play again. 
  4. Blocked Game: In singles, all bones are drawn from the bone yard before the game is declared blocked. In singles and doubles, LOWEST NUMBER OF POINTS in player’s hands gets the block. In case of a tie, no one gets the block. 
  5. All points must be called out orally and before the next person plays or passes. Person who makes the points has to call them out. Partners are not allowed to call partner’s points. NO MUGGING
  6. Once all 7 dominoes have been turned up in your hand, there will be no more
    rearranging of the dominoes during the entire hand. **Exception: Dominoes may be moved if they are interfering with play. 
  7. Misplayed domino (such as a 4 to a 5), if error is caught before the next person plays or passes, then the domino will be played elsewhere on the table if it will play. If it will not play it will be turned face up on the table and played at the first opportunity that it will play. If the misplayed domino is not caught before the next person passes or plays, it will stand as the domino played. Player with turned up domino can play again.
  8. Wrong Double Played on for Spinner: If the wrong spinner is played on and not caught before the next person plays or passes, then that spinner stands as the next spinner. If wrong play is caught before the next person plays or passes, then that domino will be turned face up on the table and played at the first opportunity that it will play. Player with turned up domino can play again. 
  9. Played out of Turn: If error is caught before the next person plays or passes, domino will be turned face up on the table and played at the first opportunity that it will play. Player with turned up domino can play again. 
  10. Exposed Domino: If a domino is exposed during the shuffle, then it will simply be reshuffled. Domino exposed while drawing the hand will be accepted by the person exposing the domino.
  11. No Redraw or Reshuffle Due to Voids in Suits or Too Many Doubles.
  12. All Dominoes not in the Shuffle: It is the responsibility of all players to see that no dominoes have been left out of the shuffle. If some are left out accidentally, they will be returned to the deck and reshuffled. If domino is intentionally left out, refer to the floor judge for ruling.
  13. No Cheating: Any suspected cheating should be called to the attention of the floor judge immediately.
  14. No Throwing or slapping the dominoes down on the table.
  15. Do not flash or pick up a domino without playing it.
  16. All dominoes must be turned up to be viewed by opponents to eliminate any possible violations.
  17. No SPINNER MARKERS allowed.


  1. Passed and Could Play: 50 Point Penalty. Game is stopped at the point and the next person will go down. 
  2. Drew and Could Play: 50 Point Penalty or amount in Hand whichever is greater. 
  3. Overdrawing or under drawing the Hand: If more than 7 dominoes are turned up in a player’s hand, a 50 Point Penalty will result. If drawn out but not all turned up, an opponent may draw one from Hand. No Penalty.
  4. 50 point penalty for putting down a spinner marker.


Scoring will be done in multiples of 5’s (4 houses or 200 points)


Alabama Nursing Home Association Senior State Games medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division.

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