Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most asked questions about the Alabama State Games program. These questions are geared towards questions you may have about the event as a whole. If you have more specific questions about a sport or an event, you may find the answers on the sport specific or event specific page. If not, don't hesitate to contact us!

General Questions About the Alabama State Games

What time does the Opening Ceremony start?

For a listing of all the events and times, please click on the schedule page tab.

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Where will the Opening Ceremony be held?

The Opening Ceremony will be held at the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds, located at 5622 Hwy 231 South, Dothan, AL. You can find out more information about the National Peanut Festival Fairgrounds at their website,

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What time does the Opening Ceremony start?

For a listing of all the events and times, please click on the schedule page tab.

For more information, visit the page.

Is there an admission fee to get in the Opening Ceremony?

No, the Opening Ceremony is free and open to the general public.

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Who is eligible to participate?

All Alabama residents, college students and military personnel who’ve lived in Alabama for at least 30 days prior to the day of competition and meet the specific requirements for their specific sport of interest, can compete. Alabama residents attending college or serving in the military in another state are also eligible to compete. Athletes residing in a state adjacent to Alabama who belong to a club based in Alabama and regularly train/compete in Alabama are eligible. Plus, designated individual or team sports may be eligible to compete, along with those who compete in developing state games sports. Participants in sports (including formats/age groups of sports) not offered in other state games programs, residing close to a neighboring state line, may be eligible to compete. Residents in states who do not have State Games (i.e. Tennessee), are eligible to participate. Residents from Louisiana are eligible to participate. Directors of other State Games programs (i.e. FL.,MISS., & GA.) have the right to restrict participation from a resident residing in their state. The ASF Foundation reserves the right to restrict individuals and/or teams from competing in the Alabama State Games for the best interest of the event.

What are the registration fees and what about the refund policy and weather issues?

Each sport has its own entry fee requirements. Consult the appropriate sport section of our Web site or the athlete flyer for entry fee amounts. There will be NO REFUNDS of entry fees because of rain or other acts of nature, or if an athlete or team fails to participate. Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competitions will be conducted unless State Games officials determine otherwise, or if the playing fields would incur significant damage.

What about medical emergencies?

In the event of a serious injury, the University of Birmingham (UAB) Hospital Emergency Room is open 24 hours a day and is located at 1802 6th Avenue South in the Medical Center District on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus. The main number is 205-934-5100.

What about returned checks?

It is the ASF Foundation's policy to charge a $40 service fee for returned checks in addition to the amount of the original check. The applicant will only be able to participate when the entry fee and service fee have been paid.

Do I have to provide proof of age?

Proof of age is required. Copies of Birth Certificate, eligibility list, Military I.D. and/or driver's license are acceptable proof-of-age documents. Do not mail or hand-deliver any proof-of-age documents to the ASF Foundation. The coach/participant should have proof-of-age documents on hand at the event site. In case of eligibility disputes, lack of proper documentation may result in disqualification of individual participants and/or team.

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